User interface and visual design for wearable technology

This custom UI/UX was the precursor to today's smartwatches and features seven apps to showcase Wimm's Android Platform for wearable technology.

The design language was developed for intuitive 'at glance' app experiences.

The challenge and the beauty of working with a small interface is the neccessity of simplicity for the user experience.

The designer gets to create boundaries on the appropriateness of how much detail and interaction is truly viable for a small device.

The Wimm UI paved the user experience for the first Bluetooth call diversion.

One of the key features of the Wimm device is the concept of call and message forwarding. We imagine someone wearing the device in a meeting or at the gym - places where you potentially want a subtle interruption and the ability for a discrete reply.

This small device does its job well, but it also features an interface that is uniquely elegant, intuitive, and beautiful.

The challenge in designing for small devices are the limitations created by the hardware. With engineering developments each year, the possibilities improve ten-fold.

- Keara Fallon

Director of UI and Visual Design, Metrik

The design of the weather app and other 'on-the-go' tools helps wearers to plan and monitor their daily life.

The key apps within the platform truly embody the value of wearable technology: The apps are appropriate for 'at glance' info while 'on-the-go.'

The minimalist design and functionality makes the use of this app a great experience

Wimm evolved the Android platform to the wearable device market and became the precursor of the Moto 360 Smartwatch. The project focus was not a fashion statement about the actual hardware in contrast to today's smart watches. The hardware was designed by another studio. At the time this watch was developed, the Apple Nano had not even been released.

The Owner’s Portal and App Store were developed to support the wearable device ecosystem.

Our design approach for the portal was a simple 'white-label' approach so that partners could see how their brand might translate through to the information design.

Wimm's UI/UX
Design System Included:

  • UI Spec - iOS
  • UI Spec - Android
  • UI Spec - RIM Blackberry
  • UI Spec - Owners Portal Desktop and Mobile
  • UI Spec - App Store Desktop and Mobile
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Graphic Design Production for deployment