User interface, visual design and product development for customer facing mobile apps

Our team worked closely with Motorola to create UX solutions for nine custom Android apps for MotoBlur and Droid product lines.

As an auxiliary UI and visual design team, we ensured the continuity of design patterns across the user experience.

Motorola released one of the first Android devices on the consumer market. With the Android SDK still in development at the time, our team helped to create a baseline UI for the first Motorola release.

We investigated other uses for the device in situations not handheld such as a passive mode on a nightstand. Our investigations looked at other valuable uses for the device such as a conference room or the home.

We devised a simple and safe user experience for the revised dock-mode app release for the car.

By creating quadrants for app access that would become memorable with repeated use, we devised a simple three-panel system for the interface so that users could easily access all their basic device needs without taking their eyes off the road.

We worked closely alongside product teams to envision new ways of accessing real-time information.

This home screen app was developed for partners as a unique 'always on' experience for the sports enthusiast.

This 'infotainment' app was designed for the ultimate sports information design experience.

With so much information packed into such a small screen, we created a solution for sports enthusiasts to have their favorite team stats available at a glance.

By having our team develop the front-end code in HTML, we were able to create a rapid prototype that could be deployed on mobile device.

We strived to create layout patterns that could support all sporting event types. With design consistency across all sports, we helped to create continuity throughout the entire app.

- Keara Fallon

Director of UI and Visual Design, Metrik

Our product strategy extended to the bigger picture:
developing a brand strategy for the MotoBlur Owners Portal.

The Owner's Portal needed to carry over the branding elements and iconography presented on the global marketing site.

A clear UX provided streamlined access to portal features.

We then designed and built the front-end code to integrate with Motorola's back-end systems. This simple tool accomplished basic needs like locating your phone or transfering contacts.

...and we demistified the challenges of transferring contacts from all types of devices.

Using iconography from the product, we created a simple wizard-like flow to help users understand how to import their contacts, regardless of device or contact source file type.