User interface and interaction design for a family centric mobile app

A Private Social App

While Facebook keeps us in touch with a thousand of our 'closest' friends, Hubble makes sure you have a direct line to those closest to you – your family.

The Design Language Makes this App Practical and Inviting.

With a gender neutral color palette, we created a visual design that was fun for kids yet sophisticated enough for parents so that the entire family could engage together in a graphic-friendly environment.

The structure and graphic language of the screens enable the user to seamlessly share, absorb, and communicate within the app.

- Jaclyn DeMartini

Lead Designer

The Site Promotes the Brand and Story.

A small information site was created to accompany the Hubble App. The site is made of simple HTML with a Wordpress blog.

The Hubble logo presents an approachable design that enables the personality of the brand to shine through.

The Brand had to convey a set of features that combined the power of phone, voice messaging, text messaging, media sharing and geo-locating all in one visual. The logo needed to denote that Hubble was more than just an instant messaging app while referencing the concept of family. We balanced these themes of messaging and family all in one icon.

The result of the Hubble brand is an inviting app that relies heavily on iconography to display mood, location, and the overall state of mind of the people closest to you.